Could you benefit from employing simulation activities?

Would the use of simulation techniques enhance your current and future operational systems?

Simulation is a capability at the core of our services. We use it to test ideas, generate evidence of system performance, gain user feedback and train the operators.

Simulation offers many benefits. It allows you to test new concepts, systems or operators in a realistic way without using your actual platform or compromising operational safety.

All the simulation work conducted by Think Research is operationally focused. Every simulation should give a return on investment and, through careful planning, execution, analysis and reporting, we ensure that investment is realised.

These activities are too valuable to leave to chance. Think Research are simulation specialists and understand the uses, benefits, considerations and methods better than any other consultancy.

What type of simulation is best for you?

How do you know which options to choose?

Our approach to simulation is based on concept maturity. Think Research will help you develop a simulation strategy according to your objectives, budget, resource and timescales.

Our strategy can cover rapid, low cost activities for less mature ideas or concepts, up to large scale activities for pre-operational concepts and systems.

Our experience covers all the traditional techniques such as prototyping, fast-time simulation, real-time simulation, human-in-the-loop, shadow mode trials, flight trials and operational trials. (For more information on Fast Time Simulation see our dedicated page)

Do you need support with a simulation?

Do you need help with planning, conducting, analysing or reporting on a simulation?

At Think Research we have planned, conducted, analysed and reported on nearly 100 simulations in the last decade. We have assessed changes to central European airspace; concepts for aircraft self-separation in the Mediterranean; Departure Managers at a major Scandinavian airport; the implementation of a radical new industrial platform in the UK; and many, many more.

We can plan a simulation better than anyone else. We can manage a simulation more effectively than any other consultancy. We can report on the simulation results quicker than you ever thought possible.