The cornerstone of Air Traffic Management

Safety is paramount to ATM and the safety of both current and future systems needs to be ensured and constantly improved upon. Whether it is a safety measure included in a simulation, or a safety culture assessment across operational staff, we have the right skills to help.

We are aware that any indication a system may not be safe will immediately render it unacceptable to the controller community – so we aim to test safety over and over again.

Safety Assessment Methodologies

Helping you through the maze.

Do you need to know your ESARR from your SPR? Your FHA from your HAZID? SRM from SAM? Or what puts the P in PSSA? Safety is a collective responsibility and the first thing we will do is help your organisation achieve a collective understanding of the processes. Whether it is conducting a workshop, performing an assessment, conducting a sensitive investigation or passing on our knowledge trough education and training, our clients trust us to confidently and calmly take them through a process which can otherwise seem daunting and difficult.

What just happened?

Powerful insights into incident reporting

Supporting our consultancy on ATM safety, RECALL Visualise – our air traffic data visualisation and replay software – has been successfully developed to support the safety occurrence reporting process. Through capture and replay of operational data, it has been possible to add valuable new insight to safety occurrence investigation.