Rewarding our staff

In recognition of the role all our staff play in the success of our company, the founders and current shareholders of Think – Conor Mullan and Robin Waggitt – today began handing over shares in the company to all staff.

MD Conor Mullan says “It is important that everyone feels part of the journey we are on and feels like they own part of our success. Giving staff shares and the opportunity to benefit from our growth is a key enabler of that. Many companies shy away from such schemes and many owners try to maintain total ownership. That has never been our philosophy and everyone should have the right to be involved. The share option give away is in addition to our other initiatives to recognise and reward our staff – we operate a profit share fund which gives a percentage of any profits direct to staff, and we also place 35% of our profits each year in the hands of our staff for the development of new products and services, training and personal/professional development, and R&D. Our growth and success to date has been achieved by reinvesting the majority of our profits each year and we will continue this strategy.

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