RECALL Modules

All the modules you need to cover ALL your requirements

Different people want different things from their analysis and visualisation applications. Some people already have some tools that do some things, and other tools that do other things.

RECALL allows a modular approach to allow you to select all the modules you need to cover all your requirements.


A Solid foundation

The RECALL Engine is the core of RECALL. It reads your data in your format and converts it into the RECALL format. Using our RECALL data model it can even derive data you don’t have, or make useful connections in the data that didn’t previously exist. Standardised data is then available in the RECALL database to be accessed by all your RECALL applications.


The most powerfu graph package you have ever used

The RECALL Graphics module allows you to create any graph you need within seconds. Need another one? Select another option and it is already done. This module is so powerful its speed can be measured in graphs per minute


Statistics made simple

Is it true that 23.08% of ATM statistics are made up on the spot? Now there is no longer a need for fuzzy logic. With an integrated statistical package that is easy to use, even for non-statisticians, RECALL’s statistics module means you can have confidence in your results


Let RECALL work it out for you

RECALL includes a full metrics module. All the main ATM metrics can be calculated for your data using our generic metrics approach. Your own specific metrics can also be programmed in so they are always available.


Key results at the click of a button

Reports on data or operational scenarios used to take weeks to produce. With RECALL you just click one button and a custom report containing your key information is automatically generated – in seconds


2D, 3D and 4D replay

How many times have you looked at a result and wondered “how?” or “why?” Or how many times have you tried to explain an operational scenario using just graphs, reports, statistics, white boards and pens? How many times have you wanted to just rewind the clock and watch it all again? And again?

RECALL Replay will replay your data in real time or fast time so you can watch it unfold as it happened. You can replay it on an emulated radar screen to see what the controller saw. To make it more relevant to other stakeholders, you can watch it in 3D using a satellite earth view with terrain imagery. All at the touch of a button.