A New Approach

“Now that I have seen it, I can’t imagine ever running a simulation without it” – A happy client!

RECALL, developed by Think Research, is an all new ATM information management, data analysis and visualisation toolset. It combines and improves upon the most frequently used and requested functions of commercial stand-alone and tailor-made software applications into one cost effective and integrated product, to provide the most comprehensive ATM data software solution available today.


Any data from any source


RECALL allows you to compare, analyse and visualise data across any system, concept, technique, platform, simulation or exercise. It will work with any data source. It will take separate and disparate data and build a unified and complete data model covering all aspects of ATM and store these in a single data repository.


Immediately the simulation is complete

Within minutes of the raw data being read into RECALL, a full range of operationally relevant analysis functions, graphs and statistics are available to the user. Analysis that used to take days or weeks of processing in several different software packages is now available in minutes from a single package. Using the integrated data model, analysis that simply wasn’t possible using traditional methods is now available instantly. This dramatically reduces the time taken to do analysis (and therefore cost) and produces better quality and more relevant analysis – meaning Quicker; Better; Cheaper.


Make the results intuitive

Most analysis packages deliver static, visually poor results. RECALL not only includes fully interactive graphs and analysis, but also a full 3D and 4D replay of the data scenario. RECALL can replay (real time or fast time) radar tracks on a controller radar emulation, or it can produce 4D ‘earth’ views.


It’s YOUR analysis

Bespoke as Standard
RECALL has the power to be tailored to any client’s needs and to several different applications. The same core functionality can be used for: Offline Analysis of recorded data; Online Analysis of live, real time data; an ATM Modelling tool for fast time simulation or concept prototyping; an ATCO Training aide to assist in controller training and assessment.

RECALL will change the way you do analysis.