Your data

It begins with you

Radar returns, trajectories, clearance instructions, coordination events, flight plans, HMI events, radio communications, scientific recordings….

Today’s ATM systems generate a huge amount of data and the more systems you have, the more data you generate. RECALL allows you to access, understand and make use of all that data.


It does the hard work for you

The RECALL Engine is the starting point for all RECALL Applications. We make a custom converter for each of your data sources and translate your disparate and separate data sources into the integrated RECALL Data Model.

Data is converted within minutes. Once it has been converted, it is stored in the RECALL Engine database, ready to be accessed within seconds by all your RECALL Applications next time you need it.


Select your application(s)

Analyse, Visualise, Model, Test or Train? Or all of them? You decide.

We will work through your requirements and help you decide exactly what RECALL Modules and Applications you need to get the results you want. We then licence the applications to you under a standard User Licence Agreement.
Each application can be run using your RECALL Engine – so after you’ve got your first application, your second, third and fourth applications will be ready sooner and cost you less. Quicker and cheaper!


Tell us what makes you special

All RECALL Applications use generic functionality and modular design where possible. The last thing we want is to tie you into a prohibitive maintenance contract so, where possible, we design your future ideas into your application – even if you haven’t thought of them yet.

However, we know that sometimes you will want something very specific to you and your operations. That’s when we will tailor each application to your exact needs. Custom data tables, custom metrics, custom HMI and all those other things that make your operations unique. It’s our motto – Bespoke comes as standard.


Back to you, but we’re here if you need us!

Upon completion of the process, we install the RECALL Engine and the RECALL Applications onto your systems. RECALL Applications work on standard PC and laptop computers running Microsoft® Windows® (32 bit and 64 bit) or Unix operating systems.

We include your first year of support and upgrades in your purchase. So whilst you should be able to use your RECALL Engine to convert new data whenever you want, and use your RECALL Application for everything you had hoped, we will be there ready and waiting should you need us.