RECALL User Community

Who is doing what?

We’d love to tell you exactly what we are doing with everyone but you can understand how sensitive it is dealing with the data RECALL is analysing and visualising.

What we can tell you is that since launch, the RECALL customer base and user group is expanding and helping shape the direction of RECALL development in the coming months and years. Here are some examples of what RECALL applications are being used for.

Research and Development

Extracting value from simulation

RECALL Analyse and RECALL Visualise are being used for research and development real time simulations. RECALL Visualise is being used to enable simulation scenarios to be replayed during controller debriefs straight after the run has ended. RECALL Analyse is then being used to shorten the time taken to do the analysis, thus making sure the key results are fed back into the project sooner

Operational Analysis

Making sense of operations

RECALL Analyse is being used by a key ANSP to process operational data as well as simulation data. Datasets of 4000 aircraft per day are taken from multiple separate operational systems and analysed with the same speed, ease of use and richness of visualisation as one hour simulation datasets. Two previously distinct departments are now using the same RECALL data analysis and visualisation applications to coordinate their analysis across the company.

Safety Investigation

Helping others understand

RECALL Visualise has been developed for a client to use as an investigative tool for incident and accident reporting. 3D and 4D visualisation with full audio replay, controller instruction transcripts and safety system overlays is being used to explain complex operational incidents to non-operational staff. Radar replay is shown alongside to allow the investigators to view the incident as the controller would have seen it.

Incidents that previously were retold through static documents are now presented powerfully and compellingly using RECALL’s real time replay.

Environmental Monitoring

Sounds like a great idea

One of our partners installs noise monitoring equipment at airports worldwide. They came to us asking for help in extending their current product offering to include radar replay of noise incidents.

No problem! We integrated a RECALL Engine and our RECALL Replay module into their existing software. Now they can go to their clients and offer a seamless, more comprehensive package, helping them stay ahead of their competitors.