RECALL Applications

An application to suit your needs

The RECALL Engine and other RECALL Modules may be combined to make a range of Applications to suit your needs. Behind each RECALL Application are the RECALL principles of quicker, better, cheaper – bringing benefits and cost savings to all aspects of your ATM operations

RECALL Analyse

It’s what RECALL was built for

RECALL Analyse, the first of the RECALL Applications, adds the core analytical RECALL Modules of Graphics, Statistics and Metrics to the RECALL Engine. ATM data from all your simulation and operational platforms can be analysed using the same Application, and results are available in dramatically reduced timescales.

RECALL Analyse – designed by analysts, for analysts.

RECALL Visualise

A new kind of visualisation tool

RECALL Visualise uses the Replay Module to turn your static data into a visually rich and interactive 2D, 3D and 4D visualisation application. RECALL Visualise requires no programming knowledge, no dedicated scenario set up and is fully customisable, making it a true click’n’go experience.

RECALL Visualise can be run as a standalone application or integrated with any of the other RECALL applications.


Airspace modelling made easy

RECALL Model is a new method of performing quick and simple airspace design studies and analysis. Using drag and drop functionality, airspace and trajectory reference scenarios can be loaded, modified and analysed within minutes.

RECALL Model can be used as a quick and cost effective first step when deciding which airspace and sectorisation options to take forward to more expensive, high fidelity, fast and real time simulations.


Support for test teams

RECALL Test exploits the speed of RECALL to provide large test teams with an automated test application based on the intuitive RECALL user interface, analytical capability and reporting module. Large scale systems can be tested for functionality and performance against expected results, reference scenarios and regression scenarios.


The perfect complement to your training programme

ATCO training is an essential part of the ATM lifecycle, ensuring that the operators of tomorrow are adequately and fairly trained and assessed. RECALL Train is a perfect complement to the training process, bringing objective, quantitative results to student assessments. Students and instructors can plot their results and replay scenarios on their own computers, making learning more accessible for everyone.