In simulacra.

Simplified reflections of reality.

At Think Research, we consider modelling to be a little bit different to simulation. Because of its suitability for early studies or lower maturity concepts we might encourage the use of a model instead of a simulation. The cost to you will often be less and the results will be just as valid. A model can be quicker, better and cheaper.

Or maybe you don’t quite know how something works, or understand why something happens. We can model your current system, emulating your systems, your operations, your performance and ultimately understanding your room for improvement. It might be simple, but it will be no less real.


At home on runways.

London, Milan, Paris, New York. Our models are at home in any environment. And unlike the other type of model, ours get out of bed for much, much less than $10,000 per day. Computer models; Mathematical models; Conceptual models; Architectural models; Information Models; Functional models; Accident Incident Model; Statistical Model. No divas, just effective, low cost, robust tools to help you understand your operations today and tomorrow.

Open, attainable, accessible.

Our Approach to modelling.

Unlike proprietary simulations on expensive software platforms, our models are built to be shared across a client’s computers, teams and projects without any restrictions. We favour open source solutions such as high level programming languages (Python, R) and low cost COTS packages like MATLAB and even Excel. Our experienced team has used this approach to develop successful models for: blunder risk analysis for a new runway; airport surface movements and benefits of A-SMGCS; monte carlo simulation for wake reclassification; and the effect of wind farms on air traffic radar. All these models use the same low cost approach to produce high class results. Bespoke comes as standard.