What is Fast Time Simulation?

Using a fast time simulation model gives an efficient cost effective way of evaluation which can help inform key business decisions at an early stage. It is a very flexible method of evaluating operational aspects and can be used in a strategic or pre tactical environment. The models are designed to give an accurate representation of real life operations. The simulations run at accelerated speed which generates large volumes of output data which are analysed to form meaningful conclusions.

Depending on project requirements we can scale the fidelity of the simulation model to provide the most appropriate solution.

How can our Fast Time Simulation Experts help you?

Greater emphasis is being placed on aviation stakeholders to understand their current operations and plan for the future so as to deliver improved efficiency. Some of the trending issues experienced by airports, ANSPs and airlines are listed below;

  • How can we deliver more movements from our current infrastructure?
  • What impact will this scheduling decision have on our operation?
  • Which ATM concepts will most benefit capacity, delays & environmental performance?
  • What is the operational impact of closing a key taxiway to be resurfaced?
  • Would new terminal arrival and departure routes improve airspace/airport capacity?

  • Fast time simulation is an excellent method for supporting answers to these questions.
    A fast time simulation model is only as good as the person or team designing it; this includes the interpretation of results. At Think Research we pride ourselves in being the modern consultancy who will deliver results that are simple, honest, transparent and valuable. We can combine the quantitative outputs of fast time simulation with our qualitative air traffic management experience to deliver a complete package.
    Some of the common areas where fast time simulation is applied are below;

  • Evaluating current and future capacity including delays (runway or airspace)
  • Scheduling
  • Airport Masterplans and Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
  • Airport infrastructure changes (e.g. planned work in progress)
  • Detailed air traffic management procedures
  • Stand allocation
  • Concept Development
  • ‚Ķplus more.

    Each operation is unique, we are always willing to listen to what you have to say.

    Our Experience with Fast Time Simulation




    Our team at Think Research have been involved in a wide variety of projects using Fast Time Simulation for customers in UK (Heathrow), Singapore, Australia, India, and Portugal. The team includes members with flying and air traffic control experience, enabling us to engage with our customer at the appropriate level to understand their operation in detail. We also have key experience with implementation of ATM concepts (for example Time Based Separation at Heathrow). This allows us to offer a full package of delivery from concept development and evaluation using Fast Time Simulation through to operational implementation.

    We are trained and experienced in using AirTOp (ATC Fast Time Simulator and Air Traffic Optimizer). AirTOp is an advanced and powerful simulation platform developed specifically for use within the air traffic management industry. It is used by the majority of leading airports, ANSPs and consultancies. We also have staff skilled in the use of Total Airport and Airspace Modeller (TAAM).