Arctic Circle and Remote Tower

During November, the remote tower team at Think were in Bodø, Norway to provide validation expertise to Avinor for the “Remote Provision of AFIS to Multiple Aerodromes” trial which took place as part of the SESAR P06.09.03 Remote and Virtual TWR project. This live passive shadow mode trial used the Remote Tower Module at Bodø to provide AFIS to two island aerodromes, Røst and Værøy (technically a heliport) 55Nm and 45Nm from Bodø respectively. The three week trial was the last in a series of three exercises conducted throughout Norway and Sweden that have been part of the Remote Provision of ATS to Multiple Aerodromes concept. Watch out for the validation report which Think are currently producing and which will be delivered to SESAR in Q1 2015.

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