Could your operational system perform better?

Do you require changes to your system, procedures or airspace to extract more benefit?

At Think Research, we understand ATM systems – technically and operationally. We apply that understanding to help you achieve a benefit, whether it is a gain in capacity, efficiency, usability or any other performance area.

We work with clients and their stakeholders to identify how their system needs to perform, and how we can make it happen. Small changes can bring a large benefit and our experience in operational assessments and systems improvements can help you achieve that potential as quickly as possible.

The geek shall inherit the earth.

(And the skies!)

We pride ourselves on our ATM operational knowledge. Many of our staff come from an operational background as pilots or controllers. And the rest? Well they are the statisticians, the engineers, the analysts and the researchers. Invented in Britain and exported around the world, Operations Research uses advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. With an emphasis on human technology interaction and practical applications, Operations Research arrives at optimal or near-optimal solutions to complex decision-making problems. Combined with our ATM operations expertise, this creates a powerful tool to improve the performance of your operations.


A new approach. Quicker, Better, Cheaper

RECALL, developed by Think Research, is an all new ATM information management, data analysis and visualisation toolset. RECALL applications combine the most frequently used functions of current analysis applications into one cost effective and integrated product.

RECALL will take data from any platform, any concept, any source and translate it into operationally relevant output for a range of uses and users. RECALL is incredibly simple to use, whoever you are, whatever your job. Graphical analysis is available in seconds and supported by an integrated and accessible statistical analysis package.

RECALL improves the quality, presentation and value of your analysis. 2D and 3D replay allows instant review of operational scenarios and 4D replay means technical results become meaningful and understandable. Real world data can be visualised in new ways.
Analysis that simply wasn’t possible using traditional methods is now available instantly. This dramatically reduces the time taken to do analysis (and therefore cost) and produces better quality and more relevant analysis.

Top class analysis and visualisation is now quicker, better, cheaper.