AirTop User Conference in San Francisco

At the start of November we attended the 2015 AirTOp User Conference (AUC), a three day event hosted by Landrum & Brown in San Francisco. The AUC is an annual event hosted and attended by existing AirTOp users. In total 18 organisations from 10 different countries were present.

Attendance at the conference is part of our ongoing commitment to advancing the fast time capability we offer. We took part in technical discussions covering all aspects of AirTOp including; Airport, TMA and En-route modelling. Additionally, AirTOp unveiled exclusive module updates and software improvements for us to discuss and test. Our fast time simulation experts have returned with a wealth of newly acquired advanced modelling capabilities, and we are eager to start implementing these for future client projects.

You can understand more about how our fast time simulation capability can benefit your operation here

Photo courtesy of Landrum & Brown

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